Waterford City & County Development Plan 2022-2028 New Submission

Waterford Chamber and Fewer Harrington & Partners have prepared a submission for Waterford City & County Council’s Development Plan 2022-2028 in conjunction with the wider business community.

Waterford City & County Development Plan

Waterford City & County Council invited public submissions to adequately address the issues which affect Waterford. This consultation period helps to shape the city and county for the future and to better inform the resulting Development Plan.

Waterford Chamber and FHP, in conjunction with the business community, have collaborated to issue a submission document to Waterford City & County Council. We consider the Waterford City & County Development Plan 2022-2028 to be a significant opportunity for Waterford to reach and extend the ambitions as outlined in Project Ireland 2040.

In realising this, we have together identified a vision and mission for Waterford City & County:

“The Quality of Life Capital of Ireland to Live, Work & Play”

Societal shifts, largely resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic,  have changed how we live, work and play.

With large companies realising the benefits of remote working, and many people leaving larger cities and choosing smaller cities which offer a better work-life balance, this presents an opportunity for Waterford City & County to benefit from this due to its close proximity with Dublin and Cork.

Key principles for success that our submission document has identified are:

1. Preserve and Improve the Natural Environment
Preserve and improve the natural ecologies, agrarian landscape and cultural heritage.

2. Mix
Create mixed-use and mixed-income neighbourhoods for social, affordable and executive housing.

3. Walk
Design walkable streets and human-scale neighbourhoods.

4. Bike
Prioritise bicycle networks and auto-free streets.

5. Connect
Increase connectivity between neighbourhoods, limits on development block sizes.

6. Transportation
Develop high-quality transportation networks for local, national and international such as road, rail, air, river and bus.

7. Density
Match density and mix to transport capacity – high density closer to transport/bus/rail nodes.

8. Resources
To provide reliable, efficient resources such as water, sewage, electricity, telecoms, broadband, access that will enable the city to grow and prosper.

9. Neighborhoods
Establish good mixed-use neighbourhoods which provide low, medium and high density while still achieving the national density guidelines.

10. Light Industrial and Office Innovation Campuses
Provide additional light industrial and office innovation campuses that provide choice for foreign direct investment,

11. Smart
Implement smart city technologies with key investors such as TSSG.

12. Education
The delivery of the Technological University of the South East with a city centre campus that will deliver cultural and social mobility for the region.

13. Public and Private Stakeholder Engagement/Partnerships
Create public/private partnership models to deliver key objectives for the City & County Council.


The above are excerpts from the full 21-page Waterford Chamber submission document for the development plan as issued to Waterford City & County Council. The full document can be read here on Waterford City & County Council’s website.

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