COVID-19 Viral Response Accreditation Services

Fewer Harrington & Partners, in conjunction with Lawler Consulting, is now offering new viral response accreditation services in relation to viral response in the workplace.

The coronavirus pandemic has created enormous challenges for workplaces. The next few months will be vital for employers to assure their staff that the workplace is safer and better than ever to have them return to the office.

Fewer Harrington & Partners, in conjunction with Lawler Consulting, now offers accreditation services in relation to viral response in the workplace. Our accreditation offerings include:

Viral Response Accreditation

Building Health and Wellbeing has become about two things:

1. People

  • Prioritising the health and wellbeing of employees.
  • Providing greater assurance through vigorous 3rd party reviews and on-site assessments.
  • Enhancing the brand through market leadership.
  • Alignment of real estate, operations and HR under a shared vision for health.
  • Ensuring employees and customers are confident to enter the premises (particularly post Covid-19).

2. Business

  • Absenteeism is a big cost to a business and damages its resilience.
  • A healthy environment improves productivity – this has a rapid payback.
  • Studies continuously demonstrate that a better working environment both attracts and helps retain staff.
  • Resilience and sustainability are affected by air & water quality, hygiene, general health & fitness, nourishment, personal resilience and mental health.
  • Air quality, in particular, is at the fore when discussing lacking confidence and apprehension about the workplace. 

With these factors in mind, our highly commended accreditation services provide the Health and Wellbeing solutions to address the issues presented by COVID-19, future viral events and other relevant challenges.



FITWEL is the leading global health certification system, generated by expert analysis of over 3,000 academic research studies, which uniquely allows a portfolio or single project-based approach.

This certification has been adopted for prestigious buildings like the new NTMA Building on North Dublin Docks, and in companies like Bouygues Construction for their own fit-out in London.

FITWEL certification is a signal to employees, residents, investors and other stakeholders that you prioritise wellness within design, development and operations of buildings and communities.

The FITWEL Viral Response Accreditation Module mitigates viral transmission, builds trust and creates healthy environments.



The WELL Building Standard is the premier standard for buildings, interior spaces and communities seeking to implement, validate and measure features which support and advance human health and wellness.

This was developed by integrating scientific and medical research and literature on environmental health, behavioural factors, health outcomes and demographic risk factors that affect health in building design, construction and management.

The WELL Building Standard (along with RESET Credentials) is observed with the iPUT Building (occupied by Facebook). Wilton Terrace (to be occupied by LinkedIn) is also currently registered for WELL, and other companies which have followed suit with this include Kennedy Wilson (Kildare Street Development), Irish Life Assurance and Iconic Offices.

WELL focuses specifically on user comfort and wellbeing, creating optimised spaces in terms of air quality, water quality, nutrition, light, physical activity, comfort and wellbeing – resulting in better employee productivity and health.



RESET is an international performance-based standard and certification program for healthy buildings which is measured in real-time. It can be applied to commercial interiors and/or core & shell, new and existing.

With a focus on creating a structure around data and analytics to generate opportunities for improvement and optimisations, RESET does so by combining the development of continuous monitoring and cloud software, increasing the visibility of health and sustainability data in the built environment.

RESET, like WELL, has been applied to the iPUT Building which houses Facebook and is set to be adopted by more Irish companies as air quality and wellbeing become increasingly important considerations in the future

RESET Air entails the continuous monitoring of Particulate Matter, TVOC, CO2, Temperature and Relative Humidity measurements. Results are streamed to the cloud, viewable in real-time from any computer or mobile device. It is scalable and affordable while delivering actionable results. 



EDGE provides a very affordable and accessible certification programme which allows you to confidently capture the value of resource-efficient buildings while gaining brand recognition.

This is a green building certification system which allows for the optimisation of designs, and includes a cloud-based platform to calculate the cost of going green and utility savings.

Lawler Consulting has the first EDGE-accredited professional in Ireland, who has already been able to take advantage of the relatively low cost, certifying a portfolio of properties for a large retailer.

By achieving a 20% reduction in water, energy and embodied energy in materials compared to local construction practice, EDGE certification is recognised.


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