Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Healthcare / Education
500,000 m2

This new academic medical centre master plan design demonstrates a commitment the surrounding community to the improvement of the quality of health care and education in Jeddah.

KMD architects in association with Pivotal Pivotal prepared the Master Plan design proposal for a new academic medical Center in Jeddah. The academic medical Center includes the following proposed program elements: Academic Campus, five medical Colleges with 1000 students each, Student Center, Recreation Center, Retail, Teaching Hospital—300 Beds, Ambulatory Clinic Building, Hotel with Conference Center and 200 Rooms, Research Building, Corporate and Medical Office Building These program elements have been arranged on the site to create a place where students, faculty, doctors, researchers, medical staff, patients, students and visitors can thrive in their individual and collective endeavors. This is a teaching and healing community where each of its program elements contributes to an enhancement of the whole. The principles of successful community design have been employed to achieve a rich and sustainable community experience.

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Ian Fewer

Ian Fewer

Managing Partner