Harvey Norman Sligo
Sligo, Ireland
4,261 m2

Fewer Harrington and Partners were appointed as lead consultants by Harvey Norman to implement their design model into what was two vacant units in Sligo Retail Park.

Harvey Norman, Sligo

We collaborated closely with Harvey Norman’s Australian in house designers to ensure that the two units were amalgamated successfully into one large 4261 sqm unit whilst also ensuring that the building complied fully with both planning and building regulations. Whilst Harvey Norman divide their space into two distinct sections (Furniture and Bedding (F&B) and Computers and Electrical (C&E)) it was agreed to remove the perpendicular wall that had previously divided the two units and replace it with a wall that ran parallel to the front face of the building.

A discrepancy of 175mm between the two units was addressed by the addition of a screed. This allowed Furniture and Bedding to populate the entire frontage of the unit whilst Computer and Electrical occupies the back giving the shopper a complete shopping experience.

Two planning permissions for signage and for increased mezzanine, plant areas and WEEE store were also submitted by FHP and granted by Sligo County Council. The addition of branded primary and secondary signage gives the unit a very attractive look whilst also showcasing the unit in the corner of the retail park. Additional storage, as well as ancillary design elements including canteen, offices and public and private toilets, maximise the functionality of the building as well as the user’s enjoyment of the interior space.

Whilst Harvey Norman Sligo is situated in a retail park it was important to recognise that there is a housing estate to the rear of the site. For this reason, noise attenuation measures were implemented including the provision of acoustic barriers and baffles ensuring that noise levels did not impact on these neighbouring dwellings.

Despite the difficult challenges that Covid-19 presented, Harvey Norman’s critical deadline was achieved.

A full 3D experience of the Harvey Norman Sligo store can be viewed here. 

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Ian Fewer

Ian Fewer

Managing Partner