Residential Master Plan
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
360,000 m2

The main objective with this project is to maximise the commercial success of the site by combining the developers vision with our master plan into a commercially robust design.

The site is located in the north Abhur district of the City of Jeddah, which is considered one of the top leisure destinations in the city; located 25 km to the north of Jeddah city centre. The site is comprised of a total developable land area of approximately 634,500m². The site is master planned and zoned for residential and neighborhood uses. The development consists of 900 residential villas with 5 villa types. We divided the site into 3 distinct communities, which contain a maximum 300 units per community. The neighborhood centre and community facilities are located on the perimeter of the development. The development is designed to provide a good range of amenities and facilities located within easy reach, such as: parks, playground, mosque, shops, schools and good transport links

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Ian Fewer

Ian Fewer

Managing Partner