Building Energy Rating (BER)

Fewer Harrington & Partners provides a  registered BER assessor to carry out assessments of domestic properties.

Any person offering a home for sale or rent is now required to employ a registered Building Energy Rating (BER) assessor to carry out an assessment. A BER certificate is valid for up to 10 years provided that there are no material changes to the dwelling that could affect its energy performance.

A BER cert is based on the characteristics of major components of the dwelling (wall, roof and floor dimensions, window and door sizes and orientations) as well as the construction type and levels of insulation, ventilation and airtightness features, the systems for heat supply (including renewable energy), distribution and control, and the type of lighting. It covers annual energy use for space heating, water heating, ventilation, lighting and associated pumps and fans, calculated on the basis of a notional standard family with a standard pattern of occupancy.

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