Multi-Million Euro Investment Announced For Waterford Airport

Comer Group International and Bolster Group have joined forces to deliver an extended runway at Waterford Airport 

The €30 Million investment is a multi-pronged investment which will see Summer and Winter holiday destinations across Europe being linked to Waterford.


This will allow the South-East of Ireland to access international flights. 


This is Cormer Group’s first large investment in the South-East of Ireland, with around half of the overall sum coming from the deal with Comer Group, led by Waterford-based investor and business leader Willliam Bolster. The investment means the remainder can now be sought by a process to begin with central and local government funding. 


Bolster Group, a Construction, flooring and engineering firm have been driving this development forward for over seven years now, since the last commercial flights operated in Waterford. 


Announced this morning by Financial Minister Micheal McGrath TD will see a new runway introduced that will have the capacity to service large and mid-range airliners such as the widely used Airbus 320s. 

Waterford Airport

London is set to be the first destination, hoping to be delivered in early 2024 with further destinations to follow.


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar spoke on this announcement saying “This significant private investment is hugely important for Waterford and the South East region. An extended runway would really help to boost the whole region’s international connectivity, benefitting both lrish and international passengers for years to come”.

This development has the potential to boost economic growth in the South East immensely, we are very excited about this development and as stated by Micheal Walsh, Chief Executive of Waterford City & County Council “This is a monumental moment for Ireland’s oldest city”. 


Waterford will be the only airport based in the South East of Ireland. In a joint statement Comer Group Director Luke Comer and William Bolster, Executive of Waterford Airport said:

“We are delighted to announce the runway expansion, which will reopen up travelto the UK and European destinations allyear round.

“Those local to the area have had to travel to Dublin or Cork to catch flights over the last seven years and the time absolutely felt right to bring the airport back to life with much needed investment and put Waterford firmly back on the international map.

“We believe this expansion will be welcome news for locals, driving tourism and business opportunities, as well as the lrish population who have made their home in the UK.

“lt will be a real game changer in terms of bringing back travel to the region“. 


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