FHP Welcomes €400m Limerick Housing Project Announcement

Limerick Housing Regeneration Project – Fewer Harrington & Partners looks forward to delivering Limerick’s €400m regeneration housing project as the dedicated Design team.

The recent Limerick City & County Council announcement unveiled a new transformational development proposal across three main sites in Limerick City – Thomondgate, Hyde Park Road and Coonagh.

The new development will be carried out as a joint venture between our clients, Whitebox Property and Clúid Housing who were selected for their dedicated commitment to sustainable and affordable housing.

FHP’s Design team has been contracted for this regeneration project, delivering much-needed housing for Limerick. The Coonagh project in particular will see a variety of housing options and transformative investment in the catchment area.


Fewer Harrington & Partners looks forward to working with both Whitebox Property and Clúid Housing for the development of these three sites.

Commenting on the recent announcement, FHP Managing Partner, Ian Fewer said, “Fewer Harrington & Partners is privileged to be working with both Whitebox Property and Clúid Housing for the development of these keynote sites.”

“We have an extensive history of delivering core principles of sustainable design into everything that we do, and look forward to incorporating our expertise into this Limerick housing regeneration project.”

Below are the details of the three Limerick sites for development:


This project will encompass 108 new 1, 2, 3 and 4-bed affordable and social housing units.

The proposal also includes a UPMC facility (which is still in preliminary discussions) that includes a 150-bed and 40-day bed hospital, a medical training research centre, eco-park, playground, créche and coffee shop.



The proposal for Thomondgate comprises 63 new housing units, which breaks down into a mixture of affordable, private and social 1,2 and 3-bed homes.


Hyde Park Road

This site, located at Speaker’s Corner, will include 63 new housing units, comprising 36 units – a mixture of affordable, private and social 1 and 2-bed homes.


The sites, which will be delivered in parallel,  are expected to be developed within the next three to five years with the planning process to commence in early to mid-2021.

More details about the Limerick Housing Regeneration Project can be found on the Limerick City & County Council website, here.

Fewer Harrington & Partners has sizeable experience in delivering large-scale regeneration projects, acting as the lead architects for the upcoming North Quays Strategic Development Zone in Waterford.

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