Enniscorthy Retirement Village

Fewer Harrington & Partners is pleased to announce that we have recently submitted a Planning Permission application for the provision of an all-encompassing, affordable retirement village in Enniscorthy, including built-for-purpose residential units and a state-of-the-art nursing home complex.

The new project, with a proposed site at Templeshannon and Clonhaston, serves to create a strong community in a retirement village that addresses the 21st century needs of the elderly in Ireland. 97 residential units are proposed including 2 and 3 bedroom bungalows and dormers which cater to the elderly. The units will strongly emphasise independent living by leveraging the social and medical benefits of the proposed 90-bed nursing home. Additionally, 2 and 3 bedroom homes will be available for young families.

According to an ESRI report, the demand for home help care, residential and intermediate care places in nursing homes and other settings will grow seismically over the coming years with a 54% demand increase projected between now and 2034. This new community will address this need, providing safe, quality homes for all ages and family situations, including those with increased dependency.

Adjacent to the historical site of Vinegar Hill, the new development will include new public access points to this important landmark. These new pedestrian and cycle paths will create a looped route with much-improved access from Enniscorthy town centre and beyond. The new access points will be further enhanced with interpretive signage, rich with historical context.

In linking the residences to Vinegar Hill, the benefits are twofold. Improved public access will help to connect the development to the town creating vibrancy and regular footfall. This, in turn, will help to promote socially responsible behaviour among visitors and residents. It will also provide safe, easy access to residents to enjoy the great outdoors, promoting wellbeing and pride in the community. The new walking and cycling trail will bring visitors right to the summit of Vinegar Hill, providing them with stunning panoramic views of Enniscorthy and beyond.

With acute sensitivity to the historical significance of the site —a former golf course that had been subject to extensive groundworks previously— Fewer Harrington & Partners commissioned a detailed archaeological survey from Stafford McLoughlin, Licenced Archaeologists & Heritage Consultants. Based on a previous excavation in 1993 which uncovered “nothing of interest”, Wexford County Council had already zoned the land for residential development.

In addition to taking great care in ensuring accessibility for all, the planned development aims to provide affordable housing for the elderly, and the area is located attractively for access to local services and amenities ensuring that the elderly do not feel isolated from the surrounding community. The homes are to be built to NZEB (Near Zero Energy in Buildings) standards, and through green technology, will reduce energy consumption levels, creating more affordable elements for prospective buyers.

Enniscorthy residential development