Summerfields – a New Affordable Purchase Development

Summerfields is a new development by Whitebox Property Group as part of the affordable purchase scheme in the suburbs of Waterford City, designed to deliver the lowest possible carbon footprint while creating a vibrant new community.

Summerfields will have a home to suit everyone from single professionals, couples, starting or growing families and the elderly. Equipped with maintenance-free brick-faced exteriors with UPVC guttars, fascias and ultra energy-efficient windows, these homes represent the best standards in modern home design.

Internally, the homes will be A-rated which will result in lower energy bills. The houses will also include electric vehicle (EV) charging points to reinforce the strong focus on near-neutral carbon footprint.

New homes are 70% more energy-efficient and emit 70% less carbon dioxide than 2005 performance levels. An A-rated 3-bedroom semi-detached house at Summerfields is almost €1,000 a year cheaper to heat than a similar house built before 2005.

The development comprises 3- and 4-bedroom semi-detached units that have planned for an additional sunroom and attic extension. If constructed, this will increase the house floor area by an additional 50%.

Summerfields features cutting-edge green technologies such as Solar PV roof panels, battery storage units, heat recovery ventilation system and electric charge point for two cars.

The innovative design for Summerfields by FHP Architects allows families to grow within their own residential unit.


Affordable Purchase Scheme

Summerfields is part of an affordable purchase scheme, whereby these homes are available at a reduced price for first-time buyers whose mortgage and deposit will not cover the price, and who are seeking to purchase a newly built home.

This local authority affordable purchase scheme is being run by Waterford City & County Council, whereby the Council will take a percentage equity stake (share of the ownership) equal to the difference between the open market value and the reduced price paid by the purchaser. 92 dwellings (24 four-bed and 68 three-bed) are to be made available.

Find out more details about the Affordable Purchase Scheme, or visit the Whitebox Property Group website to learn more about the development. Register your interest with Liberty Blue Selling Agents.


To find out more about this development, please visit our developer partners website.