Enfield, Ireland
Community Master Plan
500,000 m2
This groundbreaking master plan seeks to facilitate a new, ecologically sensitive way of life for residents of this commuter belt town by delivering a unified district heating system along with green transport facilities.

The Master Plan is located 60km North West of Dublin City. Enfield is one of the many commuter towns, which serves Dublin City. Enfield is located beside the western railway line that connects Dublin to Galway in the West of Ireland.  This community master seeks to provide a new live/work environment for the residents of Enfield, which will facilitate future planned development. The Master Plan is centred around a new public transport interchange and mix used development consisting of retail, offices, educational, residential, healthcare and civic facilities.

The aim is to provide a greater public transport facility for the town and surrounding communities, thus reducing the dependence on cars and promoting sustainable forms public of transport such as bus and rail. The Master Plan also encourages and supports pedestrian and cyclist means by providing dedicated lanes for both types of uses and creating attractive landscape plazas, avenues, and streets.  The Master Plan proposes a district heat system to be incorporated so as to reduce the development energy requirements from the national electric grid.

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Ian Fewer

Ian Fewer

Managing Partner